Americanii cer inapoierea medaliei de bronz a Catalinei Ponor. Vezi ce mesaje au postat pe twiter!


Mii de fani au postat mesaje de sustinere pentru Catalina pe retelele de socializare. Multi dintre americani cred ca romanca a fost FURATA! Argintul de la sol si locul 4 la barna au facut-o sa planga la final, cand a cedat nervos.

A spus ca e dezamagita de faptul ca antrenorii nu au felicitat-o, insa zeci de milioane de oameni i-au fost alaturi!

Reactiile americanilor chiar au motive sa o faca sa se simta CAMPIOANA absoluta la Londra!


Catalina Ponor from Romania was phenomenal on the floor routine better than Aly Raisman – why can’t the judges let her be great!

      Curry @blazerscam4

Aly did great on the floor exercise, but seriously, Catalina Ponor from Romania should have gotten the Gold.

Austin Burrows @austinburritos 8 Aug 12

@KeepinUpWKayman how can you root against America? Are you an American? What are you doing Kayman

@austinburritos America gets all the sympathy calls… Ponor was raw and probably deserved the win!

Claudia Correa Salha @rengecorrea

Romania’s Cătălina Ponor should have also gotten gold on floor

I think Ponor and Mustafina deserved their medals more than Aly Raisman.


Ouch, rough go for the Romanians. Iszbasa was my favorite. And I think Ponor was a little bit robbed. Oh well, I’m not a judge.

Catalina Ponor’s capcity to get it gave her the extra points needed to get the gold medal in my book

Catalina ponor was underscored on her floor exersize ! fail

Wow. Romania’s Catalina Ponor was AMAZING on floor. So graceful & agile! I’m SHOCKED Raisman’s score was higher!

First off, I just felt an earthquake. Secondly, I’m happy we won bronze on balance beam, but my heart goes out to Catalina Ponor of Romania

Kristel Gonzalez @KrisGonza_y_que

Catalina shoud’ve won the gold on the floor exercise. She was much more superior than